esteer SEPT

  • Wipes for disinfection of medical equipment and surfaces
  • Alcohol-based
  • Aldehyde-free
  • Also available as XXL and XXS wipes
Product information:
Wipes for the disinfection of alcohol resistant small surfaces, equipment, and furnishings for medical and dental practices as well as hospitals. esteer® SEPT neutral (without perfume) is also applicable in all food processing fields. The treated surfaces dry residue-free within a short period of time. Notice the necessary time of application.
  • aldehyde-free
  • no quaternary compounds, therefore no respiratory irritation
  • highly compatible and sparing for different material
  • available perfumed as classic and lemon as well as neutral (without perfume)
  • Material compatibility tested with glass, porcelain, metal, rubber, and plastics. Tested and approved for the application with skai® seat covers of artificial leather, with noraplan® and norament® floorings (nora systems®) made of natural rubber as well as for bi-elastik® Nässeschutz blau and beige by ekamed®.
Microbiological activity:
  • Bactericidal (incl. MRSA)
  • Yeasticidal and fungicidal (EN13624, EN13727, EN13697)
  • Virucidal (HBV, HCV, HIV, SARS, Noro, Adeno, Vaccinia, Rota, Herpes, Influenza/H1N1/H5N1; DVV/RKI/EN14476)
  • With high organic load: 30 sec.
  • Tuberculocidal (EN14348, EN13697) without organic load: 30 sec. and with high organic load 1 min.

Single sachet
box/refill with 120 wipes, box/refill with 150 wipes
jumbo box/refill with 200 wipes
XXL wipes/flowpack with 24 wipes
XXS wipes/flowpack with 15 wipes