Reg_InstrumentsOnly a thorough and reliable disinfection of medicals instruments provides an active protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Medical instruments and equipment used in hospitals and practices are at risk of contamination with an unknown variety of pathogenic germs. For this reason, it is necessary that medical instruments are disinfected professionally, additionally cleaned and reviewed carefully following medical treatment. Besides the efficacy and the in-depth cleaning, the compatibility with a wide range of different materials is a further requirement for professional disinfection systems.

esteer® offers a comprehensive program for the manual and automated disinfection and cleaning of medical, surgical and rotating instrument in hospitals and practices. The liquid AF and PAA concentrates, the respective ready to use solutions as well as the high standard PAA granulates are all tested according to the current European and national German standards to meet the customers individual requirements.


The manual reprocessing medical instruments is one of the standard procedures in the daily handling of medical devices. For the manual disinfection and cleaning also of heat sensitive instruments esteer® offers a wide range of high standard products: Whether it is liquid concentrated, ready to use or a granulate - esteer® provides to its customers a comprehensive packaging such as dosing bottles, mono-doses or canisters depending on the necessary as well as the most reliable and efficient application.


The automated thermal reprocessing of medical instruments is the second standard procedure in the daily handling of medical devices. For the automated and thermal disinfection and cleaning esteer® offers - with the new SystoSept® line - a wide range of high standard disinfection concentrates. For the disinfection of haemodialysis machines esteer® offers the citric acid concentrate DIASEPT® citric.


With 20 years of experience in dental application, esteer® offers specialised products also for the disinfection, cleaning and care of dental instruments such as a ready to use solution for rotary instruments with an advance protection against corrosion and a disinfection cleaner for suction systems. Additionally, esteer® provides a range of cleaning and care spray products for angle pieces.

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