SystoSept Duo

  • Combinated cleaning and rinsing concentrate for manual and automated bedpan washing
Product information:
Anti-foaming concentrate for the automated cleaning of medical bedpans, urine bottles, secretion glasses and other disposal receptacles and utensils in machines with automatic dosing appliance. The product has proven non-corrosive properties and protects against lime covering inside the machines as well as on the washed dishes. SystoSept® Duo is free from chlorine and phosphate and applicable with water hardness up to about 20° dH. The gentle perfume covers unpleasant smells.
Microbiological activity:
SystoSept® Duo dissolves even heavily contaminated organic residues as well as residues of ointments in a gentle way. It protects the machines against corrosion and persistent lime sediments even with low concentration.
5 liter canister